Learn how to budget, save, invest and give back. Join us for Global Money Week

We are living through a paradigm shift in financial responsibility.

Young people today have, significantly more financial responsibility than the generations that preceded them. However, studies show they have lower levels of financial literacy. About 90% of people have never received financial education of any sort, according to MyBnk. The Money Advice Service has identified that two in every three people need help with managing their finances and planning for their financial future. We believe that providing young people with a financial education is critical if we are to ensure the socio-economic prosperity of the UK. At RedSTART our goal is to put people in control of their finances, giving them the skills they need to successfully and sustainably manage their financial future from a young age. In 2012 we founded RedStart with the purpose of teaching one million to young people budget, save, invest and give back by 2025.

RedSTART is a charitable financial education initiative that seeks to give young people the tools they need to successfully manage their finances in the future. We work with young people aged between 10 and 18 from a wide variety of schools and locations across the UK. So far we have delivered over 3,000 hours of financial education to 800 young people, to 20 schools across the UK.

We have designed a custom syllabus and series of lesson plans that aim to facilitate best practice in student led interactive learning. Our lessons cover budgeting, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship. The lessons are interactive sessions using Prezi taught by teams of volunteers from Redington and our partner firms.

Save Today. Safe Tomorrow.
Global Money Week is an annual international money awareness celebration which takes place between 9th and 17th March, 2015. Global Money Week engages children worldwide in learning how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and entrepreneurship. As part of this special week, RedStart is running back-to-back RedStart days with Upton Cross primary school in partnership with Axa Investment Managers and Henderson Global Investors. Together, our aim is to use this week to arm young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to feel in control of money.

Money Matters.
We will be launching our new experiential game “Money Matters” which has been designed in partnership with Eamonn Madden. The game is based on the idea that “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”. It is based on the idea that we learn and retain more from what we do and practice rather than what we are taught. RedStart and Eamonn have worked together for the past 6 months to design a game to teach the concepts of budgeting, saving, investing and giving back. If you want to join us for part or all of a RedStart day next week please get in touch. And please join in the conversation #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2015.

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  1. Gamification has not arrived in the financial services world yet. I think it is a great idea. Please update us when the game is available for purchase. Or will it only be available within the RedSTART world?

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