Pure Alpha Prose from Aita Ighodaro on N@ked Short Club Hosted by Dr. Stu

You are cordially invited to listen to the N@ked Short Club on Monday, June 10th – Hosted by Dr. Stu 9-10pm/21.00-22.00 hrs., London time, on Resonance FM [104.4FM]: 1 hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state of the world, plus sweet poetry and heady music.

No promotional agenda, no commercial intent…just Purest Alpha and Ponzi Bier in these interesting times.

Host, Dr. Stu will help callers to the Emergency Hedge Fund Helpline (1-800-DISTRESSED) to reassert their Inner Plutocrat, with expert guests:

Dr. Chris Jones– MD, Head of Alternatives, B Finance; Andrew McCaffery– Global Head of Hedge Funds, Aberdeen; Robert Gardner– CEO, Redington; Sam Jones– Hedge Fund Correspondent, Financial Times; Zen Master R. Min & Pure Alpha Prose from Author, Aita Ighodaro.

Download of the excellent June 3rd edition (Superb guests: Aymeric Lechartier- MD, Carne; Quentin Thom- Director, Kinetic Partners; Pierre-Emmanuel Crama- Principal, Signet; Phillip Chapple- Executive Director, KB Associates; Charles Gubert- Editor, COO Connect & (Smart) Beta Poetry from Kate Braine) plus fab music: the Orb/Gong, Tim Blake, The Beatles, Neu, Robin Trower) is below:

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The N@ked Short Club is repeated every Saturday 9-10am/9.00-10.00 hrs., London time.
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