15 Reasons why rowers make great graduates

Last Saturday 25th May 2013 I was in Oxford for Summer VIII’s – the annual inter collegiate rowing regatta of bumps racing. I was there to support St Anne’s Boat Club “SABC”, my former boat club (1997 to 2000) now supported by Redington. Watching the joy of bumping and the agony of being bumped I reflected on why rowers do what they do, and what lessons they learn doing their sport that prepare them for life after university.

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Goals 2013 – a year of Goals, Commitment and Accountability


Happy New Year! After a big night out we wake-up and write down our new year’s resolution(s). It’s the usual wish list lose weight, get fitter, earn more money, give-up drinking, smoking etc.

On Tuesday 1st January I listened to an excellent webinar by Shaa Wasmund  “Why you should Forget New Year’s Resolutions”.  @shaawasmund is the best selling author of “Stop Talking, Start Doing”, the UK’s best selling business book of 2012!

She told us that by the 19th January, less than 3 weeks in, 85% of these New Year’s resolutions fail, leaving us feeling like a failure. Part of the challenge is that New Year’s resolutions are more like a wish list with no focus or commitment to achieve them, and/or they are too large a goal to be realistically achieved.

Please read Shaa’s blog – 5 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Stick

In 2013 I wanted to share a different way of achieving your goals. Shaa suggests first we make a #Commitment – one clear goal with a focus on how to achieve it i.e. a plan of action to make it happen.  Second we need to be #Accountable – share your commitment with a friend or colleague this accountability makes sure you stay on track and achieve your goals.

I learned this lesson in October 2012 when I did the 10,000 push-up challenge.

  • Goal – 10,000 push-ups in one-month (325/day)
  • Commitment (and discipline) to do a minimum of 250 every day and to aim for 325/day
  • Accountability – I challenged my super fit colleague and ALM black-belt Dan Mikulskis @danmikulskis to the challenge and made myself accountable to my colleagues and clients.

Suffice to say we both achieved success and bigger pectoral muscles!

In 2013 think about one achievable goal, make a commitment and share it with a friend or colleague. Depending on the goal it takes about 66 days for something to become a habit e.g. 50-sits ups a day vs drink one glass of water a day.

And remember “we must all suffer from 1 of 2 pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret” – Jim Rohn.

My commitment for 2013 is to become an author to write my book “Take Control” and the 7 Step Framework for pension funds to achieve full funding.

Respect the training! Honour the commitment! Cherish the Results!

Whats your commitment to be better and smatter in 2013?

Good luck!