“Surviving the Yomp” – You are 21 miles in. Your feet are throbbing and your shoulders burning.

Spean Bridge

Tomorrow morning I will be setting off at 5:45am to “Survive the Yomp” 

“You are 21 miles in. Your feet are throbbing and your shoulders burning. Your brain is telling you to stop and rest but you know you must dig deep and carry on. Every Royal Marine has to have reserves of physical and mental strength to complete the Yomp, the 30 mile final test in their gruelling training to gain their green beret.”

The Yomp – Not exactly a walk in the park!

This is the third event in the Commando Spirit series of challenges, Survive The Yomp, will see a small band of brave participants take on the ultimate final test faced by every Royal Marine in order to complete their training – The 30 miler. The Yomp, an arduous 30 mile hike across tough terrain in the Scottish Highlands, emulates the final test faced by every Royal Marine recruit in order to be awarded the coveted green beret. Tomorrow the Yomp offers me and my fellow participants a unique opportunity to experience first hand the Commando qualities required of one of the world’s most elite forces in the iconic and arduous terrain around Achnacarry and Spean Bridge – the original “Commando Country” where Commandos have trained since World War II.


To raise serious amounts of money for charity, and to push myself way outside of my comfort zone.

Am I tough enough to Survive The Yomp and raise serious sums for Royal Marines in need?

To sponsor me please visit – www.justgiving.com/Rob-Gardner8.

Surviving the Yomp is part of the Commando Spirit Series of fundraising challenge events to raise £1M for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, the training exercise is normally only experienced by Royal Marines Commandos.

The RMCTF has as wide a set of purposes as any Service charity, working to support those wounded and injured, as well as those still serving, by funding decompression activities, homecoming events and memorials. It also provides through-life support to those who have left the Corps or dependents who have lost loved ones in service. Importantly, a significant grant is also made to the next of kin of all Royal Marines killed in service within 48 hours.

To sponsor me please visit – www.justgiving.com/Rob-Gardner8.