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I am co-CEO of Redington, we advise 10 of the top 25 pension funds in the UK and we are building Redington into a global force in the pensions industry. Our objective is to ensure the next generation can continue to be better off than the last.

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11th of July, 2013

Staying Classy – Sharing Ideas and Repairing Pensions Deficits

Last week, we at Redington released an annual publication called Asset Class 2013. It was put together by Redington Head of IC David Bennett and his team of consultants, who deal with over £270 bn of assets and the people who run those assets, on a daily basis, helping them to repair deficits and improve member security through smart investment strategy.

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23rd of June, 2013

Are you interested in investing in Infrastructure, Social Housing and Property?

HM Government are urging pension funds and insurers to increase their investment in UK infrastructure and housing. See Making the pensions and infrastructure romance work. But what do these asset classes offer pension funds and insurance companies and do the potential rewards really justify the additional governance and risk?

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13th of May, 2013 Making the pensions and infrastructure romance work

Since George Osborne’s autumn statement in 2011, pension funds and their advisors have been discussing the idea of investing in infrastructure. And the logic for this investment is sound: pension funds need low risk, long dated inflation-linked cash flows. They always have, they always will. Happily, the UK needs new infrastructure, much of the funding for which is long-dated and inflation-linked. Banks, which previously funded these endeavours, are no longer funding them, and pension funds seem to be the natural rebound relationship that might just turn steady. Why, then, has making this partnership happen been so tough?

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