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The Dunker
16th of January, 2011

Fund Raising 2011 – Nothing Impossible!

As you probably know I have taken on the challenge of raising £10,000 for the Royal Marines– a terrifying exercise all Royal Marines face as part of their arduous training to gain their green beret is the Dunker – a terrifyingly realistic simulation of a helicopter crash at sea, from which they must escape. For 2011, I will get the chance to experience the Dunker be tested against this ultimate challenge whilst helping Commando Spirit to raise £1million for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, which supports serving and former Royal Marines and their families. The Royal Marines have suffered more casualties than any other group in Afghanistan and over the next 18 months over 75% of the serving Corps will be deployed, the largest percentage in its history.

The Dunker








Why the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund?

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund helps Royal Marines and their families when they need it most. They aid the wounded and injured. They give quality of life to those returning from operations. And when the worst happens, they support the families of those who die in service. The RMCTF has the widest purposes of almost any service charity – quite simply, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund will help when others cannot.

Please support me in my fundraising by donating at my Just Giving Page.

Many thanks from me, Commando Spirit and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.


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